About Us

Hey There! MintFrogs is a game development company located in Minsk, Belarus. We are the creators of League of Arosaurs, Towar.io and more games yet to be announced. Our team consists of game development professionals, passionate about making great games that are fun to play with your friends and anyone around the world.

Our Games

League of Arosaurs is a multiplayer action card game with Augmented Reality and Geolocation features. Jump in and welcome to Aroland.

Out Now

Casual multiplayer strategy done right. Towar.io offers funny looking grapgics, intuitive controls and crazy strategy tactics.

Out Now


Eager to work with us? Want to leave a mark on the world? Take a look! We are always looking for talent. And some talents are only discovered within our team.

LoA Beta Tester

Want to test your strengths in Aroland? Want to give us proper feedback and receive early builds and new content over time?

Towar.io Beta Tester

Love to crush your opponents in hundreds of battles? Have advice for us for this game?

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